About Me

My name is Miranda Galati, I am turning 18 years old on April 23rd this year. 

When I leave highschool I am going to Marvel Beauty School to learn how to be a hairstylist. I wish to travel and cut hair all over the world. I love different cultures and art, I am very open minded and love to experience new things. I tend to be an adrenaline junkie, getting involved in certain situations that I know are risky or dangerous just for the shear excitment and stories that come of it. I try to make sure my life is constantly interesting, so that before I die, my life could be a masterpiece itself. I love to help people with their problems, most people come to be for advice and reasurance. I originally wanted to be a therapist or psychologist, I bought a lot of psychology books and read a lot of theories on the internet because I find the human mind very facinating. I’m very curious and try to figure out as much about myself and others as much as I can. I am very facinated by eras, I know a lot about the 20’s-2000’s because I have been researching about them since I was in eight grade. I started listening to 70’s-90’s classic rock in grade seven and got more into 60’s-80’s pop in grade 9. The music I listened to brought me closer to learning about the eras they came from. I am proud to admit that I appreciate and listen to all music. I have a soft spot for ABBA, my mom and nana and aunt all listened to ABBA with me in the car and at home, I knew almost every world to most of their songs and ended up going to see the Mamma Mia musical when I was 5. I played guitar in grade eight to grade 10, I decided to switch it up and play keyboard which I attempted at in grade 11 but realized thatn as passionate as I was I just can’t stick to learning an instrumental. I currently don’t play any instruments but I write a lot of songs and poetry. I have been writing songs in journals since I was 9, lately I just stick to poems because throughout the years I just slowly gave up on making melodys to the songs- so they ended up more like poems anyway. I have also been writing short stories since I was very young and would love to write a full novel one day. I am trying to get into painting right now, I used to paint with watercolours when I was in elementary school but now I’m using canvas’s and oil paint. I struggle with making art because I’m hard on myself. I don’t have many close friends, I am friends with boys more than girls. I lose best friends and switch to new best friends, but luckily I have had the same best friend for almost 4 years. His name is Travis and lives about 10 minutes away from me. (walking distance) He is just like me and the only person that I think will ever be just like me, I have trouble relating to a lot of people even though I’m very social with eveyrone. No one understands me like he does, so I’m very greatful. I used to design my own clothes in grade 10, I still do sometimes. I would cut old tee-shirts up in certain ways to make them fit differently. I love fashion and am always keeping up to date with the latest trends- not because I feel like I have to, but because I actually enoy it. A lot of people mistaken this trait for being insecure, but in reality I just really like to express myself through clothes, and keeping up to date with style shows how I’m devoted to my interests.

Family Occasions & Experiences

Since I have two sides to my family, we celebrate occasions differently or end up celebrating the same occasion twice.

On my moms side, we celebrate Easter with them every year. We don’t celebrate Easter on my dad’s side. Me, my parents, brother, aunt and uncle and cousins drive up to Orangeville to my grandparents house and we have an easter egg hunt in the backyard for my cousins, and my grandparents always get us chocolate. They make a turkey dinner for everyone and then we leave at the end of the day.

When Christmas Eve comes around, me, my parents, my brother, my 3 uncles, 2 aunts and cousins drive down to Mississauga to my grandparents and we celebrate it with my dads side of the family. Since we’re Italian, we party with music and dancing and have a huge seafood dinner. After dinner we open up a few gifts from eachother. We’re all very loud and its always a good time.
At the end of the night when everyone goes home, me, my parents, and brother drive down to Orangeville to stay over at my other grandparents and wake up for Christmas Day. Me and my brother open our stockings in the morning which consist of small gifts from our parents, all the adults have stockings too but they are filled with gifts from eachother (like secret santa). After this we eat a big breakfast and wait for my aunt and cousins to come. Once they get there we all open the gifts under the tree. After spending the day with our knew gifts and just spending time with eachother, we have a turkey dinner and head home afterwards.

School Experience

After living in Mississauga and Brampton my whole life, moving away from tall buildings, loud highways and lots of people into an area full of farms and silence was a big change for me. Acton to me was boring and I felt like my life was going no where at this point.

My school was called St. Josephs, it was small and was placed beside a lake. I remember my old school being surrounded my apartment buildings.

I remember walking into my new school on the first day after March Break, getting directed to my locker and classroom. When I got to my classroom I was introduced to the class and was seated with a group of 4 other students. (I also kept wondering where all the black people were)

The teaching styles were different here and the kids were much quieter, everything was also much more dated. I just remember feeling very out of place. From here on, my elementary school life was difficult for me because socially, I was normally loud and accentric, but the people around me at this time came off the opposite way that I was, preventing me from being myself. I became very quiet, and I also hated being Italian. I was embarassed at who I was. It wasn’t till highschool that I regained my true self and became to embrace who I was.

Me and my brother Daniel

My Family

My family is divided into two backgrounds- British, and Italian.

My dads side is Italian, his parents, Vince and Lina, met in a small town in Calabria during World War II and moved to Canada together to start a family. They raised four boys named Tony, Johnney, Mario, and Vince Galati.

Tony is my uncle- also the eldest of the boys. He married my Aunt Antoinetta in Milan during a religious trip to Italy and moved back to Canada to start a family. They had two kids- Andrew, and Adrianna Galati.

John is a hairdresser, he is very creative and plays many instruments. He lives alone and helps me with my hairdressing career. I feel like I get most of my personality from him.

Mario is my dad and has worked for the food industry all his life. He has been the manager at many restaurants inclusing Kelseys, Alice Fazoolis, and many hotel restaurants. He enjoys cooking and golfing. He met my mom Rebecca Tracey at Kelseys in Brampton and married her and had me and my brother Daniel.

Vince is my uncle, he is the youngest of the boys and acts very young for his age. He plays lots of sports and is very funny. He has been with his girlfriend Danna for 6 years, Danna has a daughter named Lauren who is 13 years old.

My moms side is British, her parents, Don and Diana met in France at their highschool which was located at an airforce camp from the war. Don is from originally Alberta and Diana from England. They moved to Canada together to start a family but struggled with money, they raised my mom and my aunt Angela.

Angela is very sporty and used to own a horse farm when she was on her own. She met a Polish man named Gerry and married him, they had two kids- Matthew and Izabella.

School Experience

As a very young child I was always very energetic and dramatized. I talked a lot and was very loud and had crazy bad moods that turned into explosive temper tantrums wherever we went. I was a spoiled todler, getting very angry when something happened that I didn’t want to happen. I was always getting into trouble because of this- especially in school. I talked all through class, did what I wasn’t supposed to, and ended up in the office a lot. I remember my desk always being beside the teachers desk so that she could watch me easier. I also remember my friends asking me why I was always so misbehaved, and I took it very personally because I wasn’t a bad person at all- I just didn’t know how to be silent and still.

This is Lady Gaga wearing her famous meat dress. She has inspired me embrace myself and create my own identity and stick with it. 

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When I was a baby my parents had a cat named Spot, but Spot was actually a tabby cat with stripes which my parents thought was fun

My Nana and Grandpa (moms parents) had 8 cats living with them, they used to bring in stray cats and take care of them.

At the moment I have an orange tabby cat named Nikki living at my house since 2007, who we adopted from my moms cousins at a family reunion.


I always had crushes on boys who made me laugh. From kindergarden till now, a good sense of humour has always drawn me in. 

My first boyfriends name was Chris, I didn’t like him all that much. He started off as a good friend who eventually asked me out. This was in grade 8. 
In grade 9 I dated a boy named Jacon who I met on facebook from Guelph (not very smart) he was my age and since I was too afraid to get my parents to drive me to Guelph to see him, I got Kiona’s dad to drive us to the Guelph movie theater to meet up with him. It was my first time meeting him and he ended up being much uglier than he was in his pictures, and weirder. We only hung out together 5 times in the course of 9 months, I broke up with him after realizing how immature he was (and because I liked Zach)

Me and Zach dated on and off for about a year and a bit, we had a very good relationship because we started off as close friends and were also very similar with our music and fashion tastes. I was also very hurt from him because of his lack of affection which made me feel like he didn’t care about me. We broke up and became close friends and still are very close. Its weird to even think that we were together at one point.

I was with Justin for a little while, he was very sweet but had anger problems and smoked a lot of cigarettes (and weed) and came from a bad family, he moved to Milton and that’s when we broke up.

In grade 11 I dated Matt who was from GDHS, I knew him through Zach. He was considered ‘popular’ and I felt very out of place being with him but felt honoured at the same time and had a lot of fun with him and his friends. It was a typical highschool relationship. He had a blue Jeep that we drove around in in the summer listening to our favourite bands, and I met his family at his family reunion that we drove for 3 hours to located in Sauble Beach in August, where we went tubing at a lake with his cousins. I remember the drive home was late and cool and we had good conversations. He broke up with me because of losing interest which really upset me at the time, because my interest was getting stronger.

In November of that same year, Alanna set me and her boyfriends friend, Will, up on a double date with them, where we ended up going out all together for the next 2 months every weekend. It was short but fun. He was 3 years older and mature which I liked for a change. After Christmas he told me he was also losing interest, and that we had to end things. I wasn’t too upset about him, but more upset about being so ‘boring’ to everyone. 

Me and Nathan started dating a day after Valentines Day, he treats me better than any of my past boyfriends have. He is highly interested in the thought of being with me and knows how to have fun and take me places. We have been good friends since September and he’s always liked me, he told me he tried hard to ‘wheel’ me throughout all those months and is now so happy he finally has me.

I’ve never been one of those girls who wants a boyfriend or feels that I need one, I find friends are more important that relationships. I’m not very sentimental and the total opposite of a romantic. I can be difficult to be with for this reason. I think having fun with friends and focussing on school is more important at this point in life.

Me in downtown Yorkville with my mom last summer, one of my favourite days in Toronto

Personal Achievement

School has created most of who I am, a long with books, culture, art, and inspiration that I find online. I am proud to admit that I know who I am today, and that I’m not confused about the way I think and the choices I make. I know that I’m creative and think deeply about pretty much everything. I love to create, and make sure that I’m constantly living creatively. I learned how not to rely on others, I’m very independent and introverted. I don’t mind friends and boyfriends leaving me, because I don’t give them my heart. My heart belongs to my passions and I feel like that’s all I need to go on with life, and that other people are nothing more to me than inspiration. I like to live this way because it makes things easier for myself. I have achieved a sense of self, and I know my ‘self’ will change throughout the rest of my life. But as long as the ending result is beautiful, that’s all that really matters to me.

About 2 years ago I was going through a hard time with accepting myself and feeling confidant about who I was, I was very confused about who I was and who I wanted to be. Everything felt like a mess inside of me, nothing came together for a long time. I was very upset, and because I focussed on my negative energy so much, I ended up convincing myself that I was mentally sick and needed therapy. I was afraid of myself and felt like no one understood what I was going through. Eventually there was a point during this time where I finally had enough of feeling the way I felt, so I forced happiness upon myself. I cleansed my mind of everything that polluted it. I did whatever I could to avoid thinking of anything negative, I became positive and healthy from this. It was probably one of my biggest personal achievements, I saved myself from a depression that was slowly eating me away. I am very happy now and when I’m sad it only lasts for a few minutes and then goes away, training myself to get over stress fast took a long time and took a lot of effort but I knew when I started that it would be worth it- and it was! 

Blowing out the candles on my second birthday with my mom

something i wrote

Small with big dreams

I find my inspiration

In a small town

With small streams


And when I look up

I see the clouds form

Into an image of my future

I’m lost in its storm


But I use it to create

The rain as my paint

I blossom in the ground

A dead thing

I ain’t